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E-COMMERCE: Photographic images on this site are available for use in Publications, Advertisement, Internet Use or Prints. Each thumbnail when “clicked” gives you a larger version of each image, the “Purchase Options” button below will take you to the server holding the Print and Licensing image files. At this point you may choose the options that fulfills your requirements. By checking the “add to favorites” box at the top of image it will place image in “Your Photo Selection” strip at bottom of the page allowing you make comparisons for either prints or license, prior to adding to your cart.

IMAGE LICENSING: The fee charged for digital files depends on your intended use. Select specific details of your intended use by choosing the usage options on the Image Licensing calculator. After making all the selections, add to cart and go to checkout, invoice will include all usage selections. This is a secure site. All images for licensing fulfillment are delivered in CD or a Zip file® in a link sent to the e-mail address provided at checkout. The file size is auto generated to fit the license application and delivered in compressed in SHQ jpeg then by converting to tiff the print file will be up to 55MB. YOU MUST READ AND AGREE TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS to license images.

BASIC PRINTS: Will allow selection of several standard prints sizes. The select tab will add that print to your cart. When you have made all the selections and chosen sizes and crop options, take your cart to “proceed to Checkout” fill in the required information on checkout form and Submit Order, your print will be delivered by selected shipping option. This is a secure site. Help Purchase Prints pdf

SPECIAL REQUESTS: If you are planning for an installation of a number of prints for a client please contact us for special pricing. The print sizes are not limited to what is shown in “Basic Prints” send us your requested special order. If you have a need for a specific photograph not found on this site, we may be able to provide it from our 35K plus image database write to me@eyefathom.com for special requests. These requests may also include editing, additional cropping, manipulation or composites of on site images to your specifications.

Frequent Users: You may also access the purchase server directly by clicking here EyeFathom Purchase Server. This option may best be used by those who are familiar with the site content as a time saver.

You will also find that some of the categories that exist on this site EyeFathom are compilations and not available on the server but the photos are available there in the root directory.

Orders are automatically sent to and filled by Reed Photo Imaging Denver, CO.


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The photos on this site are protected by U.S. and international copyright law. No image is to be copied, duplicated, modified or redistributed in whole or in part without the prior written permission of John T. Gordon. The intellectual property MAY NOT BE DOWNLOADED except in the normal viewing process of the browser. Any copying or downloading from files used by browser for any use other than test prints, shall be considered an infringement. The remedies allowed by law in the event of an infringement can be quite severe. We ask that you respect the efforts of the copyright holder and give accurate factual information in the proposed usage in licensing requests. The law allows for invoicing of the industry-standard TRIPLE FEE for unauthorized usage and /or prosecution for copyright infringement in U. S. Federal Court and may be subject to a fine of $150,000 US statutory damages as well as all court costs and attorney’s fees.

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